Ride Safe with Media Temple

Ride Safe with Media Temple

The Digital Wild West

As a place where you can start anything, be anything, and do anything, the web has cast of characters straight out of a Western. With pioneers and settlers, bandits and vigilantes, and outlaws and sheriffs, it’s got it all. But are you prepared for the Digital Wild West?

Naturally, many Internet users are outgunned right when they are getting started. That initial push – to set up an ecommerce shop, establish a brand, or simply engage in self-expression – inadvertently creates vulnerabilities. Ones that can be exploited by predators. From automated networks of hacked computers to credit card numbers stolen in real time, unsuspecting users remain the most lucrative target.

What We Do

As most of you already know, we at Media Temple take security very seriously. Our dedicated InfoSec and Abuse teams ensure our own networks, systems, and hosting solutions are as secure as possible so you and your website(s) are as secure as possible. We monitor for hacked customers, spam sources, phishing sites, or any other “bad actors” in our customer networks, among other services. When our scanners find something, our customers know about it instantly so they can quickly clean up the issue and protect their assets.

What We Can Do, Together.

More times than not, hacked customers are unaware they have been compromised. Hackers are crafty, designing stealth scripts that fly just low enough to avoid easy detection.

But we have good news. Here is how we can help you protect your site (and your visitors):

In the Digital Wild West, don’t wait for a vigilante or a lone sheriff to save you from the hackers and spammers of the world. We have you covered. Together, we can make the web, and your site(s), a safer and better place for all.


Our Knowledge Base Editor Tommy Pedrini contributed to this blog post.


  • Alec…

    This post couldn’t have better timing.
    I have been a loyal MT customer since 2010.
    In April 2011 I hosted a very sensitive website on MT.
    I warned the MT founder that this wasn’t going to be an easy journey.
    In 2014, the website became more than sensitive, and I can confirm that MT has not been able to manage the situation.
    Emails have become unusable, and slowly, so is the site.
    I am working on a solution myself, because, unfortunately, security at MT is merely theoretical when faced with pro hackers and spies.
    What I need is something practical, not theoretical…

    • Sorry to hear this Caroline! It sounds like we can do better for you. I’ve contacted our CS team and they’ve told me they’re reaching out to you and hopefully we can get this resolved. *DJ

      • Customer Service… I am still waiting. No news from them.

        • Hi there Caroline! Really sorry it’s taken so long for us to get back to you. I just poked our CS team about this and they’ll be contacting your today! ^DJ

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