Read Routes

A main navigation system focused on the red routes allows users to navigate the high traffic sections of your site at high speed. For the lower traffic sections, you can ask users to slow down a bit and give them and offer a few more choices. Be clear on the hierarchy of your site content and be sure to mirror this within the navigation.

– John Cowen, UX Designer

Welcome to Read Routes, our new Friday series of the most interesting web design, development, and UX links of the week.

SVG Animation Trends
Dynamic SVGs are a great way to animate your site.
Web Design is(n’t) Dead
Is web design as alive and well as we think it is?
The Simplicity Cycle
There’s a fine line between complexity and simplicity is design.
Styling Forms?
Make sure your forms are accessible to everyone.
Developers and Web Designers!
Reach across the aisle and work hand in hand.
Rust for the Future
Mozilla’s programming language, Rust, could be a game changer.



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