Read Routes

A main navigation system focused on the red routes allows users to navigate the high traffic sections of your site at high speed. For the lower traffic sections, you can ask users to slow down a bit and give them and offer a few more choices. Be clear on the hierarchy of your site content and be sure to mirror this within the navigation.

– John Cowen, UX Designer

Welcome to Read Routes (get it?), our new Friday series of some the most interesting web design, development, and UX links of the week.

Image Magic with ImageMagick
ImageMagick makes responsive image resizing a cinch.
Card Expansion Effect
Expand your grid repertoire with this amazing expansion effect.
Contextual Styling
Treating all UI components equally will lead to true consistency in your design.
Articulating Design Decisions
Great design doesn’t always speak for itself. Sometimes, it’s up to you.
Usability Testing
Here are some excellent tips to take usability out of the lab and into your studio.
Cornerstone Revolution
Will Cornerstone revolutionize the world of WordPress front-end development?



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