Read Routes

Appl[y] the red route philosophy to web sites. By adopting the role of enthusiastic traffic wardens and treating usability obstacles on red routes like badly behaved motorists, we can ruthlessly eradicate any usability obstacles on the key user journeys.

– Dr. David Travis, User Focus

Welcome to Read Routes (get it?), our new Friday series of some the most interesting web design, development, and UX links of the week.

Networks Without Networks
A stellar tribute to the operating systems of the 80s and retro-computing.
What is Code
This epic (and visually stunning) article describes the massive and growing world of coding.
A Conversation with Dan Ward
Dan Ward, a former USAF officer, gives a refreshing perspective on simplicity in design.
The Tools of the Trade
No matter how much design tools are modernized, their main uses are essentially the same.
Fit in the CMS
Your CMS is essential to your site, but really, where is its best fit?
Divi 2.4
Divi, the popular WordPress theme, just received a major facelift.



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