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Important roads in London are known as ‘red routes’ and Transport for London do everything in their power to make sure passenger journeys on these routes are completed as smoothly and quickly as possible. Define the red routes for your web site and you’ll be able to identify and eliminate any usability obstacles on the key user journeys.

– Dr. David Travis, User Focus

Welcome to Read Routes (get it?), our new Friday series of some the most interesting web design, development, and UX links of the week.

Is Web Design Dead?
Can we officially say that web design, as we know it, is dead? And if so, what is taking its place?
Two Key UX Visual Rules
Vision is our dominant sense. Maximizing the details in your web design can be the red routes for your users.
Throttling vs. Debouncing
While both limit the amount of Javascript you are executing based on DOM events, throttling and debouncing are actually quite different.
Creating Personas
Not all of your website users are the same. Evaluating all the possible users who could visit your site, i.e. creating “personas”, can help tailor your UX plan.
Moving Past Trivial Content
Publishing web content is easy and cheap, which means there’s a lot of drivel floating out there. So how do you move past the redundant, out-of-date, and trivial content on your site?
White Spaces
This guide on white spaces will help you maximize the composition of future web designs.


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