How the Public Cloud Enables Hybrid IT

The public cloud has become an essential asset for almost every global enterprise and their IT teams. But rushing into the cloud can be a trap, as a lack of expertise or preparation can lead to outages, latency issues, and unforeseen high costs.

IT teams have increasingly taken a more diversified approach to public cloud integration into their team’s workflows. Insteading of putting the entire toolset on the public cloud, it’s become increasingly common to utilize a combination of the public cloud, private cloud, and on site resources. Dubbed “hybrid IT,” this strategy allows enterprises to lean on their tried-and-true solutions alongside testing and implementing new software, particularly those powered by the public cloud. It’s become a primary goal of IT teams to create the right mix of company tools and software across these three environments in an ideal way. By not being tethered to one infrastructure investment, the company has not only optimized performance and have greater control over their software but also reduce the risk and cost, allowing maximum agility for future additions to the ever-evolving modern workflow.

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    Hybrid IT is nothing but the combination of internal and external clouds.
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