Preparing Expectations for a Cloud Move

No matter how many challenges they face, enterprises both small and large have come to embrace the cloud as an essential part of their their business plans. That’s more than mere words: 95% of organizations polled in a recent study had migrated a mission critical application to the cloud in the past year. But just because so many enterprises have managed to move to the cloud doesn’t necessarily mean migration is a cinch. The challenges come in many forms, often times linked to the vast expectations of flexibility, improved workflows, and cost savings that many organizations expect from the cloud.

Just focusing the IT team’s agenda to a cloud migration, unfortunately, cannot create the instant success that so many enterprises crave. The first major step is preparation, particularly of the IT team, the application, and the public cloud platform to be aligned. Having both in-depth knowledge of the cloud platform inside the IT team alongside the expert help of a cloud managed service provider can help avoid the common stumbling blocks in that stage. Next, continuous management and monitoring of the app can provide visibility into even the smallest drop in performance. Finally, constant communication between the IT team and their cloud managed service provider can ensure the app is safeguarded via back ups and plenty of bandwidth and backup servers. Without taking these steps, events like the S3 outage can cripple a whole organizations on the spot, crushing expectations with only the IT team to blame.

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