Our Take on the Most Inspiring Websites of 2015

Even in its most conservative definition, inspiration is a necessary step in the creative process. We asked our creative team to share their favorite websites that kickstart their creativity.

CreativeMornings: “I believe in labours of love. Labours of love always pay off.” Truer words never spoken by Tina Roth Eisenberg, aka swissmiss, the founder of CreativeMornings. The free monthly lecture series started as a labor of love in 2008 to unite creatives for a morning jolt of inspiration and coffee. Now, CreativeMornings has hundreds of chapters on almost every continent (where’s CreativeMornings/Antarctica, Tina?), with podcasts, quotes, and videos that can motivate you to start next great project.

Lovely Package: Rare are the sites that have a URL that tells you exactly what’s inside. Lovely Package is exactly that: a collection of the loveliest packages (and packaging!) in the world. Critically, each blog post provides a link to the studio that created the design. This small little tidbit creates a rabbit hole of inspiration. So when a deck of cards appears to be more than just a deck of cards, you’ll know where to start looking.

Virgin America: Almost every web designer or developer can find something to take away from Virgin America’s website. Where to begin? Clean lines, beautiful color gradients, and a wireframe that’s basically the gold standard for not just airlines but any ecommerce site. It’s no wonder that this site remains a Media Temple favorite.

Dribbble: So you have that new client and your work is approach its final stages. But something’s off and you need some feedback. Dribbble is the answer. Not only will you find your favorite designers’ work in progress, but you can also put your best nearly-finished ideas and get the input to take it to the next level.

Skillshare: What do you want to learn today? The greatest part about online education is the fact you can learn about anything, anytime. Skillshare focuses on creative education, providing everything from sound engineering to email marketing to making a great cup of coffee.

Thanks to Media Temple’s creative team for their input in this article.


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