The NYT Story: From Paper to Data Centers

Few industries felt the digital transformation more acutely than publishing. Unlike almost any major American news corporations, The New York Times (NYT), has managed to not only survive this shift  but also capitalize on it. They implemented a successful digital subscription business model, with every print article also (concurrently) published online. They’ve also embraced a true multimedia approach by publishing podcasts, photographs, and videos that enhance the relevance of their online news portal.

Crucial to this transformation has been a reliance on Amazon’s public and private cloud services (AWS in particular). This infrastructure modernization was a critical step up from their internal data centers that were strategically located in the country. The NYT shut down these data centers and deployed all their databases on AWS. The flexible resources and pay-as-you-go model of the cloud was a great fit, as not only the newest articles can be delivered to 30 million cell phones in under a minute, but the costs to do so are a fraction of what they were before NYT’s cloud migration.

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