Now Live: Media Temple’s New Managed Shared Hosting Solution

Furthering our commitment to providing our customers with premium solutions that simplify their lives, we are excited to announce that we have refreshed Grid, our shared hosting platform. We built on what made Grid so unique, namely its out-of-the-box readiness, state-of-the-art clustered architecture and auto-burst capabilities and we added a lot of architecture and feature upgrades to turn it into an even more powerful (and now managed) hosting solution – still backed, day and night, by our premium customer support.

In order to better meet all the different needs of our customers, we rolled out three new plans each allowing users to easily expand resources as their needs evolve by adding on one of our new Booster Packs (each Booster Pack provides 10 additional sites, 10GB SSD storage and 1TB bandwidth).

The base plan, Grid Pro, starts at just $30 per month and provides the headache-proof, yet highly reliable and scalable, shared hosting that freelance web designers and developers want – adorned with out-of-the box add-ons like CDN (Content Delivery Network), Google Apps for Work productivity tools, a plethora of new security features, and 30 days of backups.

The next plan, Grid Agency, builds on the Grid Pro features but caters to smaller creative agencies by offering them additional resources and greater protection from security vulnerabilities, including a Web Application Firewall (WAF) that prevents harmful traffic from reaching any site by siphoning out malicious bots, spammers, and website scrappers.

Finally, Grid Agency+ combines the power of Grid Agency with white glove setup, security and performance monitoring, as well as consulting services by our award-winning team of engineers, CloudTech, to bring round-the-clock peace of mind to mid-sized agencies.

All our new managed shared hosting plans include:

  • A simpler, more time-efficient user experience that boasts a more intuitive, fully responsive custom control panel; a streamlined onboarding process; a revamped file manager that enables quick upload, edit, and organization of files and folders; a new one-click application installer that provides an easy and quick way to install and manage apps; as well as Google Apps for Work.
  • Higher reliability and scalability: In addition to Grid’s existing clustered architecture and burstable resources (which keep sites and apps up 24/7 regardless of any intense traffic spikes) all plans come with generous compute resources, which reduces the overage risks. Additionally, with the introduction of the new Booster Packs, customers can seamlessly add on additional resources without having to change plans.
  • Speed, speed, and more speed: Our Grid plans are built to run exclusively on next-generation hardware, featuring Solid State Drive (SSD) storage and SSD database for faster load times. All plans include TrueSpeed CDN, a global Content Delivery Network powered by industry leader in website security, SiteLock, that can increase website speed up to 40%.
  • Managed shared hosting: Plan for peace of mind! All Grid plans meet the definition of software-managed. We’ve included: a library of 20 one-click apps that automatically update; SiteLock’s Secure Malware Alert and Removal Tool (SMART), which proactively scans websites for vulnerabilities 24/7 and automatically removes any detected threats; performance monitoring; and 30-days of backups – with the ability to restore files via the new file manager. All new plans are backed by our premium 24/7 customer support.   

Ready to experience one of the industry’s most robust managed shared hosting offerings? Find the Grid plan that’s right for you here.


  • What does the transition from your current GRID system look like?

    • Hi Max. Current Grid customers who wish to upgrade to the older plans need to purchase one of the new plans and either migrate their sites from the old service to the new service themselves or purchase a CloudTech sitemover service.^AR

  • Are these new (separate) plans from the previous GRID plans, or do all the “legacy” GRID accounts get bumped up to the new specs?

    • Hi Joel, great question! The new plans are separate from the previous Grid. Grid users of older plans will enjoy access to some of the features of the new Grid plans, such as the expanded 1-Click app catalog, New File Manager, and enhanced in-panel site navigation. ^AR

  • Samuel Ekanata

    so the previous plan of grid is $20/month, which means I will have to pay $30 starting next month to continue my current grid hosting ?

    • Hi Samuel. Previous Grid customers (such as yourself) will remain on their Grid plan of $20/month – no changes there!

      • I’m also a previous grid customer (and I’m a happy customer) but I also have the same doubt: are you guys sure that you will respect what customers like us are paying? I couldn’t find anywhere in your site a text saying so… If not, I’m gonna have to move to another hosting provider.

  • Eric Cheung

    Will there any FAQ/information for existing Grid customers?
    eg. Will MySQL get updated to 5.6 or only apply to until you sign up the new plan? Thanks.

    • Hi Eric. Yes, we are currently working on an upgrade plan for MySQL 5.6. Stay tuned!^AR

  • “highly reliable” – umm, no. The achilles’ heel of the Grid has been its unplanned Cluster downtime, usually in 15-30 minute chunks a few times a month…

    • Hey Andrew. Downtime is an unavoidable consequence of shared hosting that will be experienced regardless of hosting provider. We take pride in keeping this downtime to the absolute minimum with our unique architecture.

      • Fair enough. I just think it’s a bit disingenuous to call it “highly reliable” when outages are such a common occurrence on the Grid.

        • Hey Andrew, I’m surprised to hear you experience downtime so often with the Grid. That’s not a complaint we hear too often. If you want to send me an email ( with your account number and primary domain, I’ll take a look at what’s going on and see what we can do to help.^AR

          • Thanks AR. I’ve been on the Grid for about three years, and it’s been a problem the entire time.. the first year was the worst, and it has definitely been better in recent years, but it’s still a significant problem. I have about 15 or 16 clients also on the Grid, and they too see outages similarly. Some clusters seem to be worse than others, as well (I’m on Cluster 9, which seems to fare much better than 4, for example) . Adding the MySQL Grid Container (at additional cost!) has helped reduce the outages on my own account, but they still do occur.

            At this point I’m not interested in wasting any more time troubleshooting — I’ve done so for many years (though after awhile I stopped bothering to open support tickets). I’m just transitioning my own sites over to another provider and will be closing my own Grid account once I’ve fully moved over.

            (Sidenote: I also am still angry that GoDaddy purchased Media Temple, so that’s another reason for me to leave…that was really the proverbial straw, to be honest.)

          • Thanks Andrew, we’ll get back to you shortly^AR

  • feliperabelo

    hello, a question out of context! Who created the logo of MT? :)

    • Hi Felipe, it was created by our founder, Demian. ^AR

  • Mark Szymanski

    Hello, I’m a little late to this discussion but had no clue of these changes until I spoke with a Support Operator today. When he referred to grid I’m using as “Legacy” I obviously got a little concerned. I was asking about updating to newer versions of PHP and he said they had no plans of upgrading the “legacy” server. In this post, I’m seeing that you are going to be making some upgrades. I’d like to be able to see what items of the previous grid are going to be forgotten and grow stagnant. For the most part of been happy with MT and would like to continue using as my host, but I feel like this change came in with very little regard for current customers.

    • Hi Mark. Upgrades will certainly be made to our previous Grid – we use the term legacy simply to differentiate between them. When upgrades are made we will most certainly let you know. ^AR

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