Multiple Clouds in the Modern Workflow

The evolution of the digital workflow opened up a whole new marketplace for cloud-based productivity apps and software The sales pitch is almost the same: Improved workflow, portability, cost-efficiency, fewer infrastructure changes, and all powered by the cloud. Almost never locked into one ecosystem, modern employees use multiple clouds to power their always on, anywhere, any time workflow.

The question is: Since this new portable workflow relies on multiple cloud (and cloud providers), when switching services, how does a company detangle their infrastructure from multiple cloud-based services?

The primary obstacles are twofold. The first is data gravity, a phenomenon which postulates that once a company has placed a massive amount of data and users in a certain cloud service, the cost (and time) is exponentially higher to migrate off the service. This leads to the second obstacle of service dependency as cloud-based apps or softwares may offer unique, pre-baked services that evolved from appealing sales pitches into essential tools for a company’s workflow.

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