Welcome to the Redesigned mediatemple.net.

The story of our new website starts with a very personal story of mine. In 2006, I was running a small design studio in Brooklyn, NY. After constantly seeing that little (mt) mark on just about every design-related site I visited, I took the plunge and clicked on it. It led me to a company called Media Temple, which offered web hosting.

At the time, I was pretty happy with my web host. My studio was growing, my clients were getting bigger, and I felt like I needed to take the next step in getting serious about what I was doing. So I switched web hosts, joining many of my creative idols and the larger design community on (mt). Over the years, I’ve been grateful to be a Media Temple customer many, many times. For example, the time I accidently moved a client’s email over to a new DNS and lost all their messages. I called (mt), and a helpful, friendly, and relatable customer support agent helped me recover all of the emails and set everything up properly. It was more than customer support — it was human kindness, combating my human error.

Five years later, I walked into my first full day at Media Temple as their new Creative Director. I was blown away by what I found here. In the agency world, you go into countless offices, studios, corporations, and venues, and I had seen every kind of office environment one could imagine. Things were different at (mt). I had never seen the kind of commitment and pride in a workplace that I encountered on my first day here. From the founder, Demian Sellfors, to the newest member of our support staff, everyone was working towards the larger goal of helping our customers, striving to make their businesses and their projects successful.

For the past several years, Media Temple’s identity had been expressed through some perfectly polished server renderings which were literal interpretations of our hosting products. It was clear to me that the missing piece in our current website was the people who make this company special. It wasn’t just our employees, but our customers, too. It’s design studios like Uprising Creative, influential blogs like Designlovefest, world-bettering non-profits like The Surfrider Foundation, and innovative eateries like Frank that truly exemplify what we do. We’re here to provide a service and a platform to showcase our customers ideas, dreams, and triumphs.

Getting Started on Design


Two years ago, we started profiling our customers in a series we call Made on (mt). We traveled around the country, from Los Angeles to Boston, spent the day with more than twenty Media Temple customers, and let them tell their stories. As we started thinking about our redesign, we reached out to hundreds more. We talked to them, listened to them, and considered how to best implement many of the ideas we heard from them.

We also knew we wanted to build the site in a modern framework that would work across all devices. But as we started this project, we only had a small Creative & User Experience team. So we decided to hire and collaborate with San Francisco’s Character design studio — a shop I’ve admired for some time. It’s always valuable to have fresh, unbiased eyes involved in a redesign of this magnitude. All of us at (mt) are extremely involved with the company’s day-to-day operations, and an outside perspective can be enlightening. The people at Character are a talented and ego-less group of designers who helped us bring the design of this site to life. They helped us focus on simplicity without sacrificing creativity.

While the design process was taking shape, we also started refining and simplifying the company’s tone and voice. The way we were communicating via our social channels, specifically Twitter, set the bar for how we wanted to communicate on our website. Socially, we were confident, conversational, friendly, helpful, and concise. We felt our former site was too technical and lacked the conversational tone that our customers seemed to really appreciate.

Putting Our People Front and Center

In our extensive customer interviews, we kept hearing one thing we already knew: our customer support is head and shoulders above the rest of the hosting industry. We never felt our support team had the proper billing on our site, but we feel we’re going in the right direction now. Our new Help Center easily displays all the channels to contact us, as well as the various self-help tools we offer, from Automatic Mail Configuration to our extensive KnowledgeBase. We’ve started a series of Solution Center videos which will eventually grow to a vast video library.

Many of you have also asked to see our Support Center — well, there it is, right at the top of our Help Center page. It’s the epicenter of our Los Angeles headquarters. Anytime you chat or call Media Temple Customer Support, you’ll be speaking to someone in that room here in LA, and nowhere else. And our new About page provides an even deeper look into our company, along with Media Temple’s first “About” video, starring the real people who come in here every day to make great products and provide stellar service.

A Blog We’d Want to Read

In a continued effort to give back to the design and development community, we wanted to take this blog to the next level and make it a content-rich online magazine. In the coming months, we’ll be featuring an eclectic mix of articles from expert contributors covering topics things from WordPress to logo design, from JavaScript to Linux. We’ll also continue to profile customers with original videos, interviews, and behind the scenes looks at their studios and setups, along with company news and announcements. Check out the beautiful new design and read the first batch of new content here, including Fabio Sasso’s piece on “The Importance of Portfolio and Presentation.”

Built for Tomorrow

While the last Media Temple website was great for its time, our industry moves at lighting speed. Early in the redesign process, we made the decision to abandon our legacy codebase, allowing us to start from a clean slate and build the website with a modern approach. Our teams spent several months building a design system that provides scalability, maintainability, and flexibility. The result is a beautiful website that adapts to any screen, a codebase that is built on modern standards, and a style guide to keep us going in the right direction.

Collaboration Is the Name of the Game


While this project was driven by Media Temple’s in-house Creative/UX team, it was an all-hands-on-deck company effort with major contributions from our senior leadership on down through every department: Product, Engineering, Marketing, Customer Support, Legal, and even our stellar Employee Experience team. Along the way, Creative/UX has grown to 10 people, including UX Engineers, Designers, Content Strategists, and a Video Producer. They’ve worked tirelessly and seamlessly over the last several months overhauling our entire system, designing pages, writing copy, making videos, and testing our site.

And in addition to our work with Character’s talented crew, we also worked closely with the guys at DKNG Studios to create original illustrations for all of our product pages. Their illustrations added that little bit of geeky flare our new site was missing. We were also fortunate enough to work with Laure Joliet, whose beautiful photographs brought our people, our offices, and our love for what we all do to life.

What’s Next


As we continue to make improvements to our website, our team will put greater focus on modernizing our Account Center. We’ll be releasing a beta version of the new Account Center which you can see in the screenshots above. This will be made available to all Media Temple Customers and we’re hoping to open up the beta in the next couple of months. Our first priority in redoing our Account Center is modernizing the design and layout, as well as making it responsive so you can add new contacts, buy domains, upgrade services, and more right from your phone or tablet. This will keep your workflow the same, no matter what device you’re using to manage your services. However, as the beta evolves, we’ll begin to make workflow modifications which will help you get your work in the Account Center done more quickly than ever.

Thank You

Finally, I want to offer a big thank you to our customers, who have made Media Temple what it is. Everything we do is for all of you, and you inspire us daily.

Thank you,

Jon Setzen and the (mt) UX and Creative Teams.


  • Truly outstanding job on the redesign. The execution is great, but moving away from displaying the actual server boxes to the people you’re helping is perhaps even more powerful. You’re no longer selling a product, you’re selling what the product can do for me. Great work.

  • Selcuk

    Wuhuu :) i like mediatemple style. Can i get a pack about mt which i see in video ?

  • Great beginnings! I’m excited to see the final result.

  • Tim Bunch

    Excellent work. A great responsive design, and marketing as well.

  • Never Not Co.

    Excellent job. Can’t wait to see an improved look and feel in the Account Center!

  • Brad

    A painstaking amount of detail went into the previous MT designs. I don’t see that obsessive level of quality in this latest redesign. Also the visual elements are flat, bland, and uninspired. Just my .02..

  • FlyDuo

    MT, we love your new design!! Great job and such a great representation of your company, definitely a good look.

  • Alex

    Fantástico! Congratulations Jon. Proud to be a mt client. Inspirational. We don’t really need it but feel like redesigning our own site http://www.plain-t.com

  • Kile Ozier

    I don’t even remember how long ago I switched to MediaTemple – easily fifteen years, I believe. I trepidatiously moved and have never looked back. Each time I find I must reach out to Customer Support, the experience is better and better. This blog is appreciated; good to see the good faces of the good people doing such a good job for us. Your commitment is clear in the product; I couldn’t recommend any other company…

  • I am impressed on the redesign. That is why I trust you guys with my blog!

  • Old wine in new bottles? So shocked GoDaddy isn’t pouring funds into transitioning the (gs) to new low-latency database clusters — the long-awaited and then forgotten (cs), almost as fast as the old (ss)! Looking forward to the day when pretty interface doesn’t mask piss-poor performance at (mt).

    • Hey Dan, the Grid has had a ton of changes and improvements implemented over the last year. We are seeing massive performance improvement across the board. I know you’ve had issues in the past, and I’m not sure if you’ve experience the Grid as of late but just wanted to let you know that many resources have indeed been poured into the Grid as of late. http://weblog.mediatemple.net/2013/08/06/meet-the-team-behind-the-grid-pt-1/ ^SC

      • The SSDs helped some, but by February I moved my last site off the grid — still unhappy with it. The new WP option looks promising, especially if it is a newly architected system. If git will be supported and performance is good, with all that’s being offered, it should be a big hit. But I will say right now the “unlimited” pageviews, bandwidth, etc. raises suspicion even without the past history on the (gs). Just put a number on it. The (gs) made good on its very high bandwidth quota, but the problem was the slowness of the database clusters.

  • Well done.

  • Love what you guys have done so far. Can’t wait to see where you guys take it from here.

  • Dave P.

    Nice job! What framework did you use?

    • The site was built on a custom framework. We’ll be posting a detailed look at the process soon! ^SC

  • Thomas O.

    I used to work in that building before you guys moved in. The beehive was an awesome place to work.

  • Peter Witham

    The new design is OK, it does follow the trend of everyone else but that’s the way these things go today for marketing purposes. But new paint never hurts.

  • Personally, I love the new flat design! It is easy on the eyes and looks like it is going to be easy to navigate too. Also, based off of reading Made on (mt) and specifically this article, the level of quality for the latest redesign has obviously been a monumental obsession for every one involved. Bottom line, (mt) needed to revamp its brand and y’all are making that happen. Thank you! I am looking forward to the new design, the online magazine, and reading more from Made on (mt).

  • Lovely design

  • Modern, well done!

  • New site is a monumental improvement from the one it’s replaced. Looking forward to the accounts centre getting the same treatment. Proud to be a (mt) customer going on 4 years!

  • Guest


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  • Really sorry to hear you hate it Ryan! We did some user testing on it for quite a bit, invited beta testers and it was positively received. Sad to hear you don’t like it though, if you need any help with it our agents are available. Hope it grows on you! ^DJ

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