(mt) Shareables: Week 99

We approach the golden one hundred of your favorite Friday series of the web’s freshest offerings!


  Sliding Hamburgers

Got you thinking of In-N-Out? Sorry. Instead, learn some best practices for sliding hamburger menus, those three-bar icons that you see in the corner of many websites.


  Thoughtful UX Design

Sometimes a simple, tiny, or unexpected design detail can make a huge difference for your user. Afterall, in the UX acronym, the user comes first.


  Client-Rendered Accessibility

 Whom does the new CSS framework or new Javascript abstraction you are unveiling  better serve? The developers or the users?


  Using WordPress API to Fetch Posts

This great tutorial on CSS tricks will show you how to use the WordPress API to fetch random posts from a website.


   Life After Mobilegeddon

Mobilegeddon came and went, and maybe your mobile rankings shrunk afterwards. Here are some tips for ensuring your site is mobile-friendly.



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