(mt) Shareables: Week 97

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There are plenty of examples of good UX. But here are some true UX failures that are worth taking lessons from.


  Contact Pages

So you have a beautiful landing page, an amazing video reel… but is your contact page designed well? Check out these tips to make it really shine.


  Custom WordPress Content Types

 WordPress, right out the box, is amazingly powerful. Customizing your content types takes a little bit of work, but, as this article shows, the final result is worth it.


  HTML vs. Body

Sometimes seen as a trivial distinction, how you use <html> and <body> in your CSS can be pivotal for site’s style.


   Testing for the Presence in an Invisible Interface

Accessibility is as important as usability from a UX perspective. So how do you ensure your site be technically accessible while having a universal user experience?



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