(mt) Shareables: Week 90

Your Friday grab bag of the web’s freshest offerings.


  New Signals

Have you ever wanted to ensure the encryption of your text messages? Signal is an app that not only generates new encryption keys for each message but also prevents screenshots of your messages to be taken.


   Cloud Pub/Sub

Google just launched Cloud Pub/Sub, a backend messaging service that allows developers to pass information between devices and applications no matter where they’re hosted. Awesome.


  Guiding Style

 Style guides have been around for hundreds of years. As the web progresses styles evolve with it, what if you could automate your style guides as your website grows?


  Promised Lands

From personal life management to facial expression recognition, here are ten start ups that will revolutionize the way we interact with the internet.


 Dropbox Groups

Dropbox just implemented a hefty upgrade for businesses: Companies can now create “Groups” for their employees to help streamline productivity and more easily integrate Dropbox services into their workflow thanks to an updated API.



  • Mobileappdevelopment

    According to a leading mobile analytics firm, mobile app usage continued to see significant growth year on year, with overall mobile app usage up by 72.5%. Top mobile app categories including shopping, utilities & productivity and messaging also saw more than 300% growth. With 51% of time spent on mobile devices in comparison to 42% on desktops / laptops by end users in United States, global companies are partnering top mobile app development companies to develop mobile apps, which keep them ahead of curve.

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