(mt) Shareables: Week 89

Your Friday grab bag of the web’s freshest offerings.


  IoT Starter Kit

ARM and IBM are teaming up to create an Internet of Things starter kit, complete with a microcontroller development board and a sensor expansion board. So start dreaming up that prototype today.


   Shrinking Past Silicon

As transistors shrink every few years right on time with Moore’s Law, it looks like 10 nanometers (nm) will finally be the end of the silicon chip. What’s next?


  Layer and Atlas

 Layer, a company that allows developers to add rich messaging to their app easily, announced Atlas, a UI framework that allows devs to customize their messaging from the source code up.


  Now Introducing: Carrizo

With 3.1 billion transistors and new core architecture, AMD’s new Carrizo processor uses 40% less energy while still increasing performance.


 Pocket File Sharing

Ever wanted to trade files with someone but not have a hub to do so? This pocket-sized Linux system with a wifi adapter can let up to five users connect for easy file sharing on the fly.



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