(mt) Shareables: Week 87

Your Friday grab bag of the web’s freshest offerings.


  Heart Shaped Bike Rack

The British Heart Foundation, Cyclehoop, and artist Graham McLoughlin have installed heart shaped bike racks all across London, just in time for the holiday.


  Ain’t Talkin’ ‘bout Love

Do you talk about your significant other on Twitter? This article on Bits examines the joy (and sorrow) of discussing relationships over social media.


  Computer Love

 When the New York Times published an article about the 36 questions to make you fall in love, the world noticed. Needless to say, an app has streamlined the process, but there’s a real question here: Does it actually work?


  No Ordinary Love

GOOD Magazine details how the startup Not Impossible Labs has worked wonders for an ALS patient to communicate his love for his wife.



The Brooklyn-based and Venezuela-born design firm, Stereotank, has plopped a giant, heart-shaped drum in the heart of Times Square.



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