(mt) Shareables: Week 82

Your Friday grab bag of the web’s freshest offerings.


  Broadwell is Here

Intel is delivering on their promise of new CPUs and GPUs based on Broadwell architecture. Get ready for a speed boost with any of these 17 new chips.


  Encrypted Email

Email encryption should be default… right? That’s the goal of a project called DIME, the Dark Internet Mail Environment.


  Coding Teachers Everywhere

 From LA to New York City, Code.org’s Code Studio will be training teachers in 60 different school districts to teach computer science courses. Awesome.


  Seven VCs Gaze Into Their Crystal Balls to Predict the Main Tech Trends of 2015 Predictions

TechCrunch asked seven established venture capitalist firms to share what they think will happen in 2015.


   The Mobile Gaming Explosion

As mobile gaming took the App Store and Google Play by storm in 2014, Ievgen Leonov from gaming blog Gamasutra talks about major trends that will affect the gaming industry in 2015.



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