(mt) Shareables: Week 80

Your Friday grab bag of the web’s freshest offerings.


  Reading is Fundamental

Coding Horror takes a look at the crossover between reading and writing in web communities and asks a serious question: How can you incentivize careful and close reading?


  Modern Fonts for Brand Design

From Donna Lena to William Wallace, the team at Vandelay Design lists 32 fonts, some free, that can spruce up your brand.


  Alien Typography

Alien is an iconic movie for many reasons: H.R. Giger monsters, the masterpiece of sci fi horror, the emergence of Sigourney Weaver as a leading lady. But what about the fonts?


  Helvetica Watch

The whole world has watched Helvetica become an essential font. Now wear it on your wrist with this Helvetica inspired timepiece by Mondaine.


  Sweden Sans

Other than logos, images, and symbols, what defines a national identity? How about a font? Sweden Sans, perhaps?



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