(mt) Shareables: Week 76

Your Friday grab bag of the web’s freshest offerings.


  When Functional Design Fixes Street Parking Signs

If you live in a major metropolis (Los Angeles, for example), knowing when to park is sometimes tougher than finding a spot in the first place. To Park or Not to Park took it upon themselves to simplify the confusing and nonsensical world of parking signs.


  Camaros and Kicks with Brett Golliff

Brett Golliff remains one of these rare designers who consider fashion and function with equal aplomb. In this interview, he discusses his technique and vision in redesigning the Air Jordans, the Corvette, and other iconic American brands.


  Rocking Out to the Classics

Fall brings in the holidays that reunite us with our loved ones. Our friends at Good looked at our beloved legends in rock ‘n’ roll, detailing new releases by Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, and Marianne Faithfull.


  Spiritual Materialism

London-based artist Joe Lauder has made a living of combining illustration and woodworking into apparel, skateboards, and surfboards. Now in Bali, he gives new life to discarded and reclaimed wood in his exhibit at the Deus Temple of Enthusiasm.


  Visiting the Kartel

No, not an illegal cartel. This is Kartel, a multi-level art, music, and design space that occupies an abandoned boat hanger in downtown Haifa, Israel. From street artists to rappers, it is an amazing place for art and inspiration.



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