(mt) Shareables: Week 73

Your Friday grab bag of the web’s freshest offerings.


 The 118,000 Square Foot Digital Mural

It’s almost unbelievable. Right in the heart of Rotterdam, architecture firm MVRDV has created one of the largest digital murals in the world. Situated on the inside / outside of the Markthal complex, the 96 fresh food stalls, 20 retail units, and 228 apartments will be wrapped by a mural inspired by the Dutch still life masters.


 CSS-Only Solution for UI Tracking

Let’s face it – data acquisition (and interpretation) runs our digital world. So many of us rely on Google Analytics to parse out the activities that happen on our websites. The folks over at Smashing Magazine found a problem – how do you pull UI data interactions with CSS and HTML? Check out their clever solution.


 MMMMM…. Beer

To continue our tradition on excellence in beer design, today’s focus is on the ever-loved growler. While we all love filling up a growler from our favorite breweries, there’s always one problem: carbonation. Every time you pour from the growler, it gets flatter. Leave it to Portland-based GrowlerWerks to create a vacuum-sealed growler with a tap handle, keeping your beer fresh for every pour.


 The Meanings in Classical Music

Believe it or not, technology is helping classical music make its comeback. From operas in english to digital screens providing translated lyrics, the modern audience has incredible access to the timeless genre. LiveNote is a new app intended to use during a performance that provides highlights, details, and commentary of each piece in real time without intruding on fellow concert-goers. How cool!


 Hudson Mohawke’s Chimes Tape

Few hip hop producers have ascended through the game like Hudson Mohawke. The Scottish producer is one part of TNGHT and has worked with Jay-Z, Kanye, Pusha T and more. This hip hop mixtape he put together for Diplo and Friends on Radio 1 has it all – classics, unheard gems, and modern marvels.



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