(mt) Shareables: Week 72

(mt) Shareables: Week 72

Your Friday grab bag of the webs freshest offerings.


 Twin Peaks Fashion from Japan

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Twin Peaks is coming back in 2016 with creators David Lynch and Mark Frost back at the helm. Coincidentally, the Japanese brand Black Weirdos has designed an entire Fall fashion line around this classic TV show. Be the first of your friends to enjoy coffee and pie wearing Killer Bob sweatshirts and Black Lodge socks.


 A Notebook That Is More Than Just A Book for Notes

Parisian printer Imprimerie du Marais teamed up with eight creative agencies to produce notebooks utilizing their vast array of styles and techniques. Their collaboration with Anagrama is fascinating. Blending print production language and the layout of a motherboard, the vibrant pressing is nothing short of an inspirational addition to your desk or totebag.


 Good Brew Design – Yo Ho Brewing

Let’s face it – craft beer isn’t just burgeoning, it’s here to stay. And with it comes an endless slew of designs, redesigns, and discussions regarding what’s the right way to package and market these cool new brews. Bobby Solomon of The Fox is Black finds one that really got it right: Suiyoubi no Neko, a beer by Yo Ho Brewing in Tokyo, keeps it fun and clean all at once.


 Deconstructing the Ghostly Mark

Matthew Shlian, a self professed “paper engineer,” creates some of the most mind boggling designs you’ll ever see. A frequent collaborator with record label / art curator Ghostly International, his current contribution to the Ghostly Mark series gets deconstructed by our friends over at Design Milk.


 The Gifs of Skip Hursh

With so many designers following “rules,” it’s easy to get stuck in a bland, stale, or turgid rut. Skip Dolphin Hursh can be called a rule breaker but really, as seen in his work for Nickelodeon, Gap, and Tumblr, he’s just an awesome guy with an amazing, articulate, and playful eye for gifs.



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