(mt) Shareables: Week 71

(mt) Shareables: Week 71

Our weekly “best-of-the-web” list. Enjoy!


 Learn Swift

Team Treehouse may be one of the best places to learn the many languages on which the web is built. Their tutorial on Swift, Apple’s newly released programming language for iOS app development, will make learning this language easy-peasy.


 Why Every Designer Should be a Professional Photographer

No matter if you’re involved in fashion, graphic, interior, packaging, or web design, having a keen eye is essential. Vandelay Design not only gives you five great reasons why you could benefit from increasing your photographic chops but some basic lessons, cameras, and accessories that can improve your overall game.


 Size Matters: Balancing Line Length and Font Size in Responsive Web Design

One fundamental question underlies responsive web design: How do people read? Laura Franz examines the various studies and processes that we all use to absorb and comprehend the words in front of us. From line length to typesetting, refine your site’s readability all around.


 Loop the Loop

We all love the Graphics Interchange Format. I mean, the gif. It’s a source of constant amusement and fascination, but did you know it was created in 1987 by CompuServe? Morgan Quaintance details the history and effect of our favorite format.


 Emily Maye Photography

When it comes to candid shots, there are few photographers  as talented as Emily Maye. From ballet to bicycling to bullfighting, she captures reality with stunning clarity.



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