(mt) Shareables: Week 68

Our weekly “best-of-the-web” list. Enjoy!


Optimize Your Site 

Smashing Magazine serves up a LOT of page loads every day. Performance is their number one priority in keeping their highly critical audience engaged. Read their autopsy report on how they analyzed and improved every aspect of their site.


The Jeffrey Zeldman’s Story

The web would be an uglier, less engaging experience today without the guidance by Jeffrey Zeldman. If he was British, we’re pretty sure he’d be knighted for his MASSIVE contribution to web design and web standards. Watch this documentary on Mr. Zeldman for perspective.


Experience the DNA of Music

The brilliant minds at Hello Monday (a Media Temple client) teamed up with experimental musician j. views to launch a project inviting users to experience the DNA of music. The next j.views album will allow users to download specific elements of songs and tell the story of the songs. Get involved!


Media Temple Turns 16!

This September marks the 16th year Media Temple has been in business. To celebrate, we’re giving away some amazing prizes and we’re offering a 50% discount off hosting.


Come See Us at These Events!

September and October are going to be busy months. Hope to see you at: Smashing Conference, Design Week Portland, The Media Temple Table Tennis Invitational, jQuery Conference, FOWA London, FOWA Boston and WordCamp San Francisco.



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