(mt) Shareables: Week 67

Our weekly “best-of-the-web” list. Enjoy!


Be a Virtuous Developer

Being a good developer is rarely attributed to “raw talent”. Rather it takes a certain discipline to keep your craft honed. Our friends at Treehouse give you 5 Virtues to guide you on your path to developer rockstar-dom.


Headbands, Free Beer and that Designer You Love (Hate)

We’re thrilled to announce the First Annual Media Temple Table Tennis Invitational. We’ve invited every creative, agency and developer in the Los Angeles Area to join us for an epic table tennis tournament. Naturally there’s beer, prizes, free food and all the competition you can handle.


Why You Love Vans

They’re casual, comfy, funky shoes that have found their way into most of our closets at some time in our lives (I’m wearing a pair right now.. no joke). Watch the global brand managers tell the Vans story.


Mozilla Really Really Cares

Mozilla has always been more than an organization powering millions of users’ browsing experiences. Mozilla takes it’s position as a leader seriously. The Webmaker project is dedicated to teaching the masses how to build things on the internet, for FREE.


Jon Setzen on The Great Discontent

This one is pretty self explanatory. Media Temple’s Creative Director was honored to be interviewd by our friends at The Great Discontent. Definitely a great read.



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