(mt) Shareables: Week 65

Our weekly “best-of-the-web” list. Enjoy!


GMUNK in the Physical World

One of our oldest friends, Gmunk, also known as Bradley Munkowitz, has been leading the world of motion graphics for the last decade. See what happens when he’s in the studio with 3D molded objects, lights and cameras..


The New Uprising Creative Reel

Is AWESOME! This LA based agency consistently creates next-level websites and videos for the hottest entertainment talent in the world. Their reel isn’t a typical three minute ordeal, but we guarantee you won’t stop watching.


Designing Adventure.com

Our partner, Digital Telepathy is known for taking on big projects. Redesigning Adventure.com with it’s 15GB of photos and community-based interaction, is nothing short of a heroic project. This case study details how the team attacked the problem and launched this site.


Hack jQuery 

Do you use jQuery on a regular basis or are you working to increase your skills? Bring your laptop and a caffeinated brain to the jQuery conference hacakthon in Chicago, in September, and compete for awesome prizes!


This High School Student Set a New Standard

It’s refreshing to see a high school student challenge themselves, and their more experienced peers with an expertly executed website design. We’re happy to host such young and adventurous talent! Congrats Edward Kim.



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