(mt) Shareables: Week 64

Our weekly “best-of-the-web” list. Enjoy!


Introducing #askTGD

You ever want to get into the mind of the creative people you admire? Our partners at The Great Discontent are giving you the opportunity to get their take on anything you’re curious about. From design to business to coffee, #askTGD anything!


It’s Hard to Find Good Freelancers

We hunt down our writers the old -fashioned way by stalking people on Twitter, of course. Copyblogger has done something that might change the way you hire freelancers. They’ve built a freelance writer verification program.


Advanced Scheduling for a Sane Freelance Life

Jessica Hische is a sought after design professional, to say the least. This piece on how she schedules her professional life is a brilliant guide to being productive whilst living a fabulous creative entrepreneurial life. Also check out this series by Lis Hubert!


Elliot Jay Stocks on Publishing and Balancing Work

It’s rare, odd even, for a person to hold down a non-trivial day job and also publish several publications (simultaneously). We asked Mr. Stocks how he does it. He jokes it’s lack of sleep.. apparently he thinks 3 hrs a night is “normal”.


Entrepreneurs, Bands and Water Skiing??

We say YES PLEASE. We’ve recently partnered with WeWork, one of the coolest co-working spaces around, to offer their users hosting and, apparently, sponsor their amazing Summer Camp! In between archery and Girl Talk, you can catch (mt)’s Jon Setzen’s workshop about the art of storytelling.



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