(mt) Shareables: Week 61

Our weekly “best-of-the-web” list. Enjoy!


Modern Fireworks are Engineering Feats

There’s one time a year fireworks are acceptable in America, and that’s today. Considering the awesome technology powering these pyro shows, we might contemplate having more fireworks celebrations!


Beer Art isn’t Low Brow 

Hard work, burgers and cold beer might be some of the images you conjure when you ponder American life. Today, when you’re celebrating the 4th, pay attention to art on that frosty label and appreciate the hard work someone put into that. It’s art.


Nutrition: As American as Apple Pie

Before we got inundated with processed fast food options, American food was a simple, balanced approach to cuisine. Darya Rose’s blog, Summer Tomato reminds us to keep nutrition simple, like our fore bearers, in order to achieve healthy balance.


Music as Unique as Our Freedom

Aquarium Drunkard is a site dedicated to uncovering and featuring truly unique music. Whether it’s Gospel, Americana or obscure Rock’n Roll, this site digs up some of the best music America produces. This recording and story of Gospel artist Brother Claude Ely speaks volumes to the character of this site and American music.


American Party Planning Explosion

We’ve never linked to Pinterest before, but it seems appropriate today. Explore how clever America gets with their red white and blue. You might just get inspired!



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