(mt) Shareables: Week 60

Our weekly “best-of-the-web” list. Enjoy!


Learn from Your Native Technologist

Brian Solis digs into the need to change our current work practices to grow into the rapidly approaching future. Drawing intel from the new crop of native technologists will help us build systems to accommodate our new behaviors adapted from big data, mobile and app-centric culture.


Thank the 1920’s for That Icon

A system called Isotype probably drives more of your icon design choices than you realize. This system, derived in the 1920’s, was an initiative by a neuroscientist and inspired graphic designers to build a Typographic library that could be understood universally, by everyone.


CloudTech Turns One This Month

Our Premium Support Product, CloudTech, has been a product officially for ONE YEAR! Scaling a human-powered premium support product is a particular challenge. Rob Gregory and his exceptional team of CloudTech engineers give you insight into how they did it in this feature post.


Tycho Tours the World

Scott Hansen, one of our favorite clients, makes most of us look lazy, or slightly less talented. He’s transcended “designer” superstar as ISO 50 to actual superstar selling out venues across the world as Tycho performing a live EDM show that will stun you. Go.


Remembering Rebecca Meyer

Eric Meyer, one of the initial pioneers of the web standards and CSS movement, recently lost his daughter, Rebecca, to a battle with cancer. This article in the Economist does justice to the story of Eric’s public process for grieving and the subsequent dedication to Rebecca in the form of purple.



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