(mt) Shareables: Week 55

Our weekly “best-of-the-web” list. Enjoy!


From LA to Vegas

Remember that fly-away promotion campaign we were running based on the “choose your own adventure” model? It’s run its course and we spliced the entire series together in one captivating story. Note, all actors are our actual UX team.


SXSW V2V Announces Their Crowd Sourced Speakers

SXSW and (mt) Media Temple have a long-standing relationship. Ultimately, we agree on the way information and innovation should be shared. We went to V2V last year and it was invigorating, so check out their lineup for 2014.


Brian Solis Connects With Business Leaders

From building business culture to defining the future of business, Brian distills the complex relationships forming our world. Take a deep dive with Brian and business pioneers in his You Tube series.


Wake Up and Smell The WordPress Bacon!

It’s true, put bacon on anything and it makes it better. WPBacon is a new podcast exploring new trends in WordPress business and development. Our own Dante Baker was on the show this week discussing the future of managed WordPress hosting.


An Introduction to the Modern Style Guide

Starbucks didn’t invent the Style Guide, but they certainly helped popularize the way we manage challenging projects. Morten Rand Hendriksen goes into the history and evolution of the Style Guide from a visual guide for print, to a code and process guide for web projects.



  • SeamlessThemes

    Still waiting for the new Account Center design :)

    • Hopefully not too much longer now. ūüėČ

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