(mt) Shareables: Week 48

Our weekly “best-of-the-web” list. Enjoy!


The Collaborative Economy Started in 1938

You probably think Uber or TaskRabbit or Airbnb when you think “collaborative economy”. But it all started in 1938 when REI launched their coop-based model. This timeline of the collaborative economy’s evolution by (mt) client Jeremiah Owyang is enlightening.


WordPress Management is Changing!

Slowly but surely, there’s a movement to shift the editing of your WordPress content from the CMS back-end, to a front-end editing system. Get involved and stay on top of this development people!


French Inspired, Austin Based Restaurant Share Secrets

The latest installment of Made on (mt) takes us to Foreign and Domestic, a fresh restaurant tucked away in a neighborhood in Austin, TX. We shared bread, ideas and secrets with owner/chef Ned Elliot while we were in town for SXSW.


Common Problems using WordPress and How to Fix Them

Anyone that uses WordPress somewhat regularly encounters some quirky things with the CMS eventually. From discrepancies in the “Text” vs. “Visual” modes to dealing with plugins, there’s a solution to your peeves, at least seven of them listed in this post.


Ever Wonder How (mt) Media Temple Scales Support?

LiveChat, our chat support provider, interviewed Support Manager Eric Shure this month about the science of scaling a customer service department to managed constant growth. Hint, the secret isn’t outsourcing.


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