(mt) Shareables: Week 43

Our weekly “best-of-the-web” list. Enjoy!


Overcoming the Plight of the Creative Entrepreneur

“Creative Entrepreneur” is a newish term describing an ancient occupation, or life choice rather. This series, authored by Lis Hubert, examines the common roadblocks you will hit on this path, and proposes solutions to smash those roadblocks as a Creative Entrepreneur.


Illustrative Type from Raul Esquivel

One of our favorite things at (mt) is the Made on (mt) series we’ve been building for a couple years. This week we featured a young illustrator focused on creating beautiful type that communicates to all ages and walks of life.


The Great Discontent Interviews Mike Cina

Mike Cina helped establish modern design practice. Starting in the pre-millennium web, he co-founded one of the most prolific online resources for vector art and continues to push boundaries on and off the web. Mike is one of those guys deserving of the Great Discontent’s special treatment. Kudos Mike!


Prioritization, Not Failing Fast, is the Key

When Tom Conrad built and grew Pandora to with only 70 engineers and millions of users, he couldn’t commit to features that weren’t absolutely useful and achievable. Read this and start deciding what’s important for YOU to release!


Going to SXSW? Let Us Guide You

While we’re at SXSW, we do a lot. We like to deliver fantastic talks on user experience, showcase products and clients and throw great parties! If you keep up with us, you can win first access to our new managed services product (launching soon:) as well as VIP access to our legendary SXSWi closing party. See you in Austin!


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