(mt) Shareables: Week 40

Our weekly “best-of-the-web” list. Enjoy!


jQuery Talks Infrastructure

We’ve been working with jQuery for about 7 years to build out and optimize their infrastructure. They discuss their set-up in this post.. Oh, and note the special offer in there (ending today).


Inspirational Posters for Designers

If you tend to fret over ways to articulate the essence of design, you may want to browse these posters capturing the challenges and hidden objectives of good design. And no, this isn’t inspirational jargon scrawled above an image of a five car garage filled with Lambo’s (we already have that one).


Maptote Makes Durable Goods to Better Your Life

Beyond philanthropy, funny memes, and great design, there aren’t many things that inspire us more than a great company story. Maptote started really small, keeps it all American, and focuses on quality. We’re proud to host them and use their goods.


Semi-Permanent 2014 Lineup Announced

We haven’t made it down to Sydney to see our friends and partners at Semi-Permanent in a few years. Their 2014 lineup, including Tony Hawk, proves we need to readjust our event calender to reacquaint ourselves in-person with the crew down under.


Invest in the Future of UX

Who better to lead the next generation of UX education than Jared Spool, founder UIE, industry leader of all things UX and consequently a long-time (mt) partner. His new initiative, Center Center is a school with a mission to change the future of UX.


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