(mt) Shareables: Week 39

Our weekly “best-of-the-web” list. Enjoy!


The Secret to Happiness is..

Volumes and volumes of content are produced pursuing the elusive answer to a constant question for the human race: “What is happiness?” Save yourself some time and check out this infographic breaking down the Science of Happiness.


Building Innovative Culture is a Challenge that can Define Your Success

Brian Solis attacks this challenge with measured examination followed by 12 actionable “pillars” to achieve an innovative culture in your organization.


Build an Effective AND Beautiful Shopping Cart

On the technical side of success, if you’re doing business online, your checkout process, or “shopping cart”, will play a major role in your success. (mt) client and friend, Designmodo, outlines a method for creating beautiful checkout experience.


The Children are The Future

And Code.org is equipping them with tools to build our future. Support, teach, learn or just be impressed by Code.org’s aggressive and successful mission to empower youth with programming chops.


Want a Flat UI Tool Kit? Get it Here.. Free

We usually don’t feature two pieces of content from the same source, but Designmodo is just winning this week. This Flat UI kit has everything you need to modernize your style.



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