(mt) Shareables: Week 38

Our weekly “best-of-the-web” list. Enjoy!



Find yourself creating icon sets for each project? This service, styled very closely to The Noun Project, gives you basic icon sets that can be enhanced however you see fit..eliminating some of that custom iconography work.


What Inspires Dan Matutina?

And who is Dan Matutina? Dan is a Manilla-based illustrator who collaborates with artists, major brands and agencies to show us a perspective of what our vintage, space-age future could look like. We interviewed this (mt) client and collaborator on the new (mt) Blog as a part of the Made on (mt) series.


Our Favorite Automotive Film and TV Characters Illustrated:

There’s some deep psychology where our identification with cars and film intersects. We assume there is a secret formula Hollywood has patented, inserting vehicles as actual characters in films and TV. Would the Dukes of Hazard be Dukes if they didn’t roll in the General Lee?


Node App Authentication Made Easy

This is the first in a series of tutorials detailing the best ways to implement authentification for your Node App. Bookmark this page people!


The Whir Interviewed Jon Setzen

Jon Setzen, (mt)’s Creative Director and Redesign project leader, typically explains things in design and user experience language accompanied by an eloquent visual presentation. In this article he gets into candid detail behind the Media Temple redesign.


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