(mt) Shareables: Week 34

Our weekly “best-of-the-web” list. Enjoy!


Telling Amazing Photo-Stories with Exposure

Taking the photography portfolio to the next level, Exposure is built to allow you to tell stories with photographs. Our friend and client, Mike Kus should be the poster-child for this new medium.


Punctuation Matters

It’s always mattered, but with our new brevity obsessed communication style, punctuation and expression is evolving. Sparkcentral, a technology partner and client examines this phenomena and how it’s affecting business.


Sci-Fi Meets Compu-Sci in this Site Analysis

Front end designer/developer Andrew Clarke is a sci-fi geek, (mt) client, and excellent beer drinking companion. Appreciate his thoughtful analysis of the recently launched Dawn of The Planet of The Apes film site


A Game-Changing Game Could Save Lives

Our friends at the Noun Project recently held an Iconothon to create symbols supporting a program that educates communities on the best ways to approach the impact climate change may have on their lives. The Climate Change and Gender Game was developed by Red Cross / Red Crescent.


Learn to Code on the Go

Codecademy launched a mobile app to help you learn to write code whilst on your phone. Note, this is not a license to code and walk!


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