(mt) Shareables: Week 100!

We approach the golden one hundred of your favorite Friday series of the web’s freshest offerings!


  Cognitive Demand Not Always By Design

In the Information Age, sharing content is easier than ever. But is the UX done right?


  Do You Have An Elastic Mind?

Designers, particular UX ones, now have a large role in the product development process. Flexibility (aka elasticity) has become an essential trait for a ready-and-able design team.


  Creative Examples of 404 Error Pages

 404 pages can be boring or… really cool. Here are 20 great examples of awesome 404 pages.


  Text Styles and Hover Effects

Utilizing SVG masking and Canvas, here are some inspiring examples of text styles and mouse hover effects.


   The At-Rules of CSS

The at-rule is a statement that provides CSS with instructions to perform. This article has an impressive collection of at-rules to create new styles in CSS.



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