Modernizing Business Processes in the Cloud

There are two types of modern enterprises: One, a company that had great success without a digital model, and two, a company whose entire presence is built online. While both companies have their own success stories, the online natives have an obvious advantage: They will never have to orchestrate a major digital transformation. Brick-and-mortar companies, however, usually face quite a challenge, having to embrace a transformation that goes beyond dumping data into the cloud.

Indeed, purchasing cloud resources and enterprise software doesn’t automatically mean that the current business workflow will be instantly replaced. Removing a legacy process before setting up the cloud, for example, will create a huge gap in both process and technical know-how. This is where a cloud managed services provider can really pay dividends. Having their expertise and know-how can provide the crucial buffer to make an enterprise’s digital evolution an easy one, especially when it comes to making the jump to the cloud.

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