Meet Our New VP: Colin Dowling

One thing that has always separated Media Temple from other web hosting companies is our deep immersion in the creative and tech communities. We did this by powering local creative businesses and digital start-ups, supporting industry events and conferences, and, of course, architecting and supporting premium hosting solutions that are created to fit the needs and wants of our customers. That’s exactly what attracted our new Vice President of Enterprise Sales, Colin Dowling, to Media Temple: How we have been helping our customers run and scale their business by getting the most out of our technology.

Before joining Media Temple, Colin worked at WP Engine, where he built relationships with Fortune 500 companies and digital agencies. The following is a short Q&A with Colin with background information about him and his newly-created role at Media Temple. Colin will build out and lead the team that works with larger accounts and creative agencies, while ensuring sales activities are aligned with the overall vision, direction, and business goals of the company.

On why Media Temple:
I have loved technology for a long time, not just for what it is but what it can be. I am attracted to Media Temple because of the range of solutions we offer to help organizations of all sizes get the most out of that technology. I think we are only just beginning to see what the Internet can be and how creatives can impact it. I am excited to be part of a team that’s going to have an impact on how the digital universe unfolds. The world is going to look much different in 5 years…10 years…50 years…and we, at Media Temple, get to have a meaningful role in shaping it. How awesome is that?!

On his experience:
There is an opportunity here to build out a sales team that can take Media Temple’s brand message, solutions, and 16-year expertise, and introduce them to new markets and sectors. Even with so many fantastic clients, there are a large number of designers, agencies, and enterprises that don’t yet know about our awesome solutions and customer support. It’s time to change that. My experience is that the best salespeople and the best sales teams are the ones that seek to play a meaningful role in their customers’ success (and make them love turning on their computers in the morning) instead of just chasing the next revenue dollar. When we do that, the “sales” portion of things tends to take care of itself.

On how Media Temple will continue to serve the creative community:
I think the key changes in how we work with the creative community will be driven by the solutions we offer. Media Temple has long played a role in the success of the developers, designers, and agencies with whom we work. And, of course, that relationship is reciprocal in nature; without those web developers and designers, we wouldn’t be where we are today. To build on that, we should be asking ourselves constantly, “What else can we do to help their businesses be even more successful? What else can we offer that empowers them to do their best work?”. We’ll continue to listen to the community and build the premium solutions that help answer these questions.

On his favorite thing about Media Temple so far:
The people here at Media Temple have exceeded my expectations already. I’ve been blessed to work with some amazing individuals and be part of some amazing teams in my professional life, and I can already tell the Media Temple team is top notch. A group of passionate and intelligent people working towards the same goal can do unbelievable things, and that’s exactly what we have here.

On what he does in his off-hours:
I’m married and have two small children, so I enjoy every minute I get with them. I love to work outside, even in these hot summer days. I write a lot and spend a fair amount of time working with WordPress. Finally, I’m a nut for Tennessee Vols football and the NBA so I’m excited about the upcoming start of both football and basketball season.



  • Freeman1776

    Colin, my company has been a Media Temple customer for a few years. We use the email program which came with the standard setup. In short, we hate it. I wish there was a better solution. I’m using this forum to contact you and MT as I can’t find any way to get in touch with the company online. Howard, 508-769-7962. Thanks!

    • Howard, Media Temple also offers Google Apps for Work which would let you use professional grade Gmail as your email. I’ll have someone reach out to you! ^AR

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