Make It Better: VPS

This installment of Make It Better gives Media Temple customers the latest news, plugins, and tutorials to make their hosting experience that much smoother.

Chatbots in Node.js
You’ve seen them in Slack and Facebook. Now build your own chatbot!
Automatic Updates Aren’t So bad
Automatic updates have gotten a bad rap, but they’re great for security.
You’re Doing DNS Wrong!
A few tweaks to your DNS can lock up your site like an iron vault.
Keeping Plesk Up-to-date
Plesk Onyx is here, and upgrading to it couldn’t be simpler.
Reverting to Default
Interested in reverting your VPS server back to its default state? Check out this tutorial.
Old Certificates, New SSLs
It’s surprisingly easy to issue new SSL keys off of old SSL certificates.



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