Introducing: Ask TGD

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Ryan and Tina from The Great Discontent here with some exciting news!

Our inbox is consistently full of thoughtful questions from readers. Some want to know about the creative process; others ask about business. Some are students researching topics for a paper, and some are in the process of starting a business or transitioning their careers. Most are wrestling with creative longing—that great discontent, as we call it.

We noticed that many questions we receive are the same, or at least overlapping, which means there are likely even more people out there, wondering about those things, too. Why not share our responses publicly?! So that’s what we’re going to do. We’re thrilled to announce a new Q&A series, hosted right here on the Media Temple blog!

Beginning in August, each month we’ll select a reader’s question and answer it in our recurring column on the (mt) blog. You can submit questions one of two ways:

1) Send a tweet and include the hashtag #asktgd (we’re @greatdiscontent).


2) Leave a comment with your question on our Facebook page.

Ask away!

Ryan & Tina

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