How A.I. Has Its Head in the Cloud

The first seeds of artificial intelligence (A.I.) were planted in the early 1950s, not-so-coincidentally during the advent of computing. Alan Turing published his famous Turing Test in 1950, setting up the philosophical stage and proving grounds at the same time, with newly-created digital computers the unwitting participants racing each other to pass the test.  Flash forward to 2017 and AI is now an industry unto itself, already driving $8 billion in revenue.

A not-so-known-fact about A.I. is where its massive growth is coming from: industries (banking, retail, healthcare, and discrete manufacturing) that don’t just generate big data but also need to house and analyze it. Industries that, surprise, surprise, are leveraging the cloud’s massive data storage capabilities to build  the cognitive computing systems that not only identify and categorize the data but compare it against market trends to help guide businesses to better serve their customers.

Read more about some of the major business implications of cloud-powered A.I. systems on the Whir.

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