Meet Jacob Shin and Brian Kuhn

At Media Temple, it’s no secret we believe that it’s our people and the culture created by them that set us apart as a hosting company. Having a culture driven by extraordinary people allows us to focus on delivering amazing user experiences.

We’re therefore very happy to announce the latest additions to our executive team: Brian Kuhn, VP of Product, and Jacob Shin, VP of Marketing. Both bring over 30 years of combined experience to Media Temple.

Quick Q&A with Brian:
Why did you want to work at Media Temple?
Two things really stood out.

First off, the people. Both the Media Temple customers and the teams. In my due diligence of looking at the company’s website, external reviews, social media activities, etc., it was clear that Media Temple has a very unique people-centric culture and customer-first philosophy. As a Product Manager, and champion of the customer, it’s extraordinarily refreshing knowing that Media Temple has the key ingredient to satisfying customer need. Also, the Media Temple team is a lot of fun and they are very proud of the company and its products, and they convey that passion and energy to the customer experience.

Again, as a Product Manager, if you have the right attitude and fundamentals to solve big customer problems, what wouldn’t be exciting about that?!

What’s the best part of working at Media Temple so far? What do you like the most about Media Temple products?
The best part of working at Media Temple comes back to the energy and the overall positive vibe. Whether it’s finding new ways to collaborate, new product concepts, new UI design, or new operational process/flows, there’s a strong sense of “let’s do it.”

Also, Media Temple products have strong foundations and industry-savvy experts building/supporting them. I’m a product guy, so I can always get away with saying there is room for improvement :), but I’m happy to know that we have great industry know-how and operational fortitude to make those changes.

How do you plan to help Media Temple customers succeed online?
Fantastic question! Every great product has to be grounded to the customer. I have an appropriate quote from Steve Jobs: “You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology – not the other way around.” Technology (hosting) is an enabler to solve needs — and those solutions will lead to success.

Because Media Temple is always trying to make sure we are taking care of all our customers’ hosting needs, we are embarking on an in-depth customer study to reacquaint ourselves with and listen to what our customers are demanding the most. One of the most recent examples of how we are listening to our customers is our leaner and meaner Account Center, which was re-skinned based on customers’ feedback.

More about Brian Kuhn:
Before joining Media Temple in April 2014, Brian Kuhn served as Executive Director, Product Management and User Experience for YP’s Advertiser Platform team, building new ad products and designing the end user experience around ad management. His prior senior management positions also include working as Director of Product for, Director of Product & Partner Management at commerce and travel platform Deem (formerly Rearden Commerce), and Group Product Manager at eBay. A Silicon Valley veteran, Kuhn started his career in the tech industry at companies like Hewlett-Packard and Palm.

Quick Q&A with Jacob:
Why did you want to work at Media Temple?
It is quite rare to find a company where both employees and customers share the same affinity and passion towards the brand, and that’s what I found at Media Temple. The Media Temple brand has earned the trust of the tech community over the last 15 years, which speaks volumes about the company’s products and the people behind them.

With any opportunity, brand differentiation, defensibility and a great company culture are the critical elements that weigh most heavily into my decision-making process… and Media Temple had them all!

What’s the best part of working at Media Temple so far?/ What do you like the most about the Media Temple brand?
Two things: people and passion. The Media Temple team is creative, intelligent and fun, and share a passion to build great products and help solve customers’ problems.

As a marketing guy, I know how challenging it is to build up and sustain a brand. It is tremendously rewarding to work with a team that cares about what the brand stands for both inside and outside the company’s walls.

How do you plan to help Media Temple customers succeed online?
I see customer fit as a major opportunity in hosting. There is no shortage of hosting options out there and most approach hosting with a “one-size-fits-all” model – which has prompted many people to upgrade to Media Temple after having had a less than optimal experience elsewhere. My job is to articulate Media Temple’s key differentiators to current and future customers, help match customers to products in their journey and provide a great experience from day 1.

More about Jacob:
Prior to joining Media Temple in May 2014, Jacob Shin was spearheading customer acquisition efforts at Newegg after serving as Head of Customer Acquisition at, where he focused on high-volume paid search & CRM strategy, as well as conversion optimization for U.S.- and UK-based traffic. Before that, he successfully managed multi-million dollar demand-gen campaigns across finance and travel verticals for and, respectively.


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