*UPDATE* Happy 16th Birthday Media Temple!

What were you doing 16 years ago on the internet? Obviously, I’m referring to those of you that weren’t 2 at the time. Well, our founder, Demian Sellfors was busy setting up a server in his closet, plugging the ethernet into the future that would become Media Temple.

Like all internet companies at the turn of the 21st century, we started off as something totally different than where we ended up. (mt) was a design firm with a hosting arm, designing sites, and a lot of emails (people used to pay $15K a pop per email!).

Move the clock forward a few years, and we found a niche, a business model and a cadence of success that most web-based companies struggled to identify. When Kaliber 1000, …. news and inspiration came to us for their hosting needs, we knew we’d reached the big time. We launched the Grid (before cloud was cloud), honed in our VPS product, grew to 100+ employees and continued to support the community that got us to where we were.

2014 has marked a new era of innovation and change at Media Temple. CloudTech is now a year old as a product (and a successful one at that). We launched our first managed WordPress product, launched a brand new mediatemple.net and we’re working toward releasing some great new features to our products.

But we wouldn’t be here without you, our users. To show our appreciation, we’re giving away some amazing prizes (check out that gift box!), and offering some great deals to our current and new customers!

*UPDATE* As of October 3, 2014 
The winners of this awesome gift basket are:
Milan Z., Seth A., Brandon K., Winston P., and Charlotte T.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks again to everyone who participated!




  • dixnow

    Congratsss MT!!

  • Ancient Customer

    I setup my (mt) account not long after he started! I think it was ’99? That should say something about how great (mt) is – lifelong customers. Happy Birthday, and thanks for being awesome Media Temple!

    • Thanks for being with us for so long! :) ^DJ

  • Happy moments, mt! :)
    best wishes for this year

  • yelingyang

    I’ve been with MT for more than 5 years and MT is the only choice for my blog.

    • We appreciate the kind words and loyalty! Couldn’t have done it without great customers like you! :) ^DJ

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