Gutenberg Is Coming to WordPress

Twice a year, the WordPress community comes together to keep making the world’s most popular content management system (CMS), WordPress better. These massive updates not only improve the aging code but modernizing the user experience, both factors that keep WordPress top-of-mind for bloggers, web developers, and creative agencies.

Just around the corner is one of the most significant updates for WordPress: The Gutenberg WordPress editor. Today’s visual editor for WordPress may be the most familiar interface for any CMS in the world, but that is partially due to the fact that there have been few changes in the past few years. Gutenberg aims to change that pattern by creating a more intuitive writing experience while  making it easy for users to integrate rich content. It almost doubles the current available writing space, with distraction-free mode removing almost every non-essential button. Text, images, quotes, videos and more can be inserted as “blocks” into a webpage, completely bypassing the current Media tool. Speaking of media, a new brand new embedding toolmakes embedding music, videos, images and text from any popular online or social media platform easier.

Testing Gutenberg is available (in beta) as a plugin to be used with WordPress 4.8. If you want to read more about it, take a sneak peek at Gutenberg at


  • Winston Wonderdog

    Can’t wait, WordPress is long overdue for an update.

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