The Growing Responsibilities for Cloud Architects

Migrating to the cloud has become a commonplace operation for enterprises who want to take their websites or apps to the next level. Key to this migration, whether handled internally or through a managed service provider, are cloud architects, who champion and lead the organization into the cloud.

Building,maintaining and scaling up (or down) cloud architecture is not a simple, one-dimensional task and yet, cloud architects are often seen as specialists with a narrow focus. That misconception may actually be underselling their skill set, which also includes the responsibility of high-level strategy, architecture, and platform selection.   In many ways, cloud architects  function in the double role of a manager and a specialist, acting as if they are an organization’s swiss army knife in the cloud. When an enterprise finds some success with their initial cloud migration, that often leads to expanding their footprint on the cloud. Which then presents two choices: Entering the market for additional cloud architects or outsourcing the work to a cloud managed service provider.

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