The Growing Market for Cloud Expertise

The cloud has been powering everything from business-critical websites and apps to big data. But many organizations are missing the crucial ingredient to maximizing their cloud potential: Actual cloud expertise.

Working knowledge of the cloud holds the keys to cloud success. The market for expert cloud professionals continues to grow, creating a not-so-friendly competition between enterprises to access to this limited amount of human resources. A recent survey by the London School of Economics revealed that businesses in the United Kingdom have lost an estimated £217 million in revenue due to a lack of cloud expertise, with over 52% of respondents believing that their businesses were held back due to their shortcomings in cloud knowledge. In analyzing the loss of revenue, the survey included both lost business opportunities but also the opportunity to leverage the cloud to unlock cost savings for internal processes as well. To no surprise, this shortage of experts has also led enterprises to outsource and lean on cloud managed service providers to provide that high-level expertise they don’t have internally .

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