Grid Shared Hosting Just Got Better: More Sites, More Resources, and More Options

Media Temple’s customer-centric approach means that we are constantly improving our hosting solutions to keep them at the forefront of performance. Last fall, we made our Grid shared hosting platform faster, easier to use, and more reliable than ever before.

That was just the start of a series of upgrades we have planned for the Grid. Based on customer feedback collected in the last few months, we decided to introduce multiple enhancements to the platform in addition to a brand new Grid plan:

5x Increase in Resources
We enhanced our existing plans with more sites, storage, and databases than ever before. Grid Pro and Grid Agency now come with 100GB and 500GB of SSD storage, respectively. Site and database count has increased to 500 for Grid Pro and 2,500 for Grid Agency, as well. Finally, and for the first time, all Grid plans include 1000 email boxes. All together, this represents a 5x increase in resources over our previous Grid offerings.

Introducing Grid Personal
The new Grid Personal plan offers freelance designers and smaller creative agencies the performance and reliability benefits of our next-gen clustered architecture for as low as $20/month. Users can power up to 100 websites with 20GB of SSD storage, 1TB of bandwidth, and 1000 email boxes.

Backups, Managed Applications, and More
From 1-click file restores to 1-click installs for any of our 20+ managed apps, our best-in-class custom control panel takes the headaches out of site management.

And, as always, customers can count on Media Temple’s award-winning, U.S.-based, 24/7 support to help solve their problems, fast.

From mission-critical homepages to essential microsites, the Grid has a home for projects of almost any size. Ready to deploy your next site? Find the Grid plan that’s right for you here.


  • Mark

    Just wanted to say thanks for introducing Grid Personal. Same as a previous plan I was on that I thought you guys were discontinuing … this makes me happy :)

  • Howard Kelley

    So, if you are currently on Grid Legacy and want to move to its new equivalent Grid Personal, how can this transfer take place?

    • olivernielsen

      Still no reply from Media Temple…

      It would be nice of (mt) to migrate existing users to the new Grid. Many of us have been loyal customers for years, and waited eagerly for performance improvements. Now they’re here, but if we want them, Media Temple basically says: “migrate web host” as that’s essentially the scope of switching from the old Grid account to the new. Not cool.

      • Howard Kelley

        (mt) Never replied and because they will not upgrade to php7 for us longtime Legacy users or migrate us to the new grid I have begun the migration from (mt) to SiteGround where I can get everything and more for the same price. I can also get 20-minute response to filing a support ticket and not 20-hour response that you are warned about by (mt). Too bad…I used to admire my decision to be with (mt).

  • Thanks AR. I’ve been on the Grid for about three years, and it’s been a problem the entire time.. the first year was the worst, and it has definitely been better in recent years,

  • huey

    I have been on the Grid for close to 10 years. I have put a lot of my clients on their own grid accounts as well. But now what? Is there a migration tool to move us from the old grid to the new grid? Is there a timeline for such a tool? I just done with CHAT support and feel awful that myself and my clients seem to be being left behind and no communication if we are or if there is a migration tool in the works. Please communicate to us so we know where we stand. Right now a WP install will give us a warning that we need PHP 5.6 or higher and our legacy GRID only goes up to 5.5 :-(

    • olivernielsen

      Yes, I’d like to know what’s up too.

      Media Temple – please reply to these comments?

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