Fresh Optimizations to our Managed WordPress Plans

For the last 18 years, we, at Media Temple, have constantly used customer feedback to iterate on and improve our solutions. Our Customer-First philosophy has enabled us to continue delivering on our commitment to bringing our customers peace of mind, allowing them to spend less time managing their servers, and focus on running their businesses. Continuing that mission, we’ve leveraged feedback from our Managed WordPress users and insights from the WordPress community to refresh our Managed WordPress plans. Creative professionals and businesses, app developers, freelancers, nonprofits, and agencies can take advantage of Managed WordPress from Media Temple that is uniquely optimized for WordPress, and provides the performance and speed they need to deploy WordPress sites and web applications for themselves and for others.

Our four plans, Personal, Professional, Elite, and the new Extended plan, were designed with our customers in mind as we improved on the most used features, increasing bandwidth and speed while enhancing security.  

Here are some of the main improvements:

Simple Scaling and Speed

Managed WordPress plans scale with the growing needs of our customers and their business, offering the the ability to effortlessly expand resources with a single click, activating additional installs, capacity, & security. Last but not least, speeding up image delivery is a cinch with our content delivery network (CDN) (which can be installed across every plan and comes standard with Elite & Extended plans for up to five domains).

Stronghold of Security

Our focus on keeping our customers’ sites (and their visitors) secure means that every plan now includes malware detection and removal powered by Sitelock, the global leader in website security. Our Personal plan includes two SiteLock Malware Scan & Removals, Professional with five, Elite with 10, and Extended with a whopping 25. And, as always, all plans come with automatic core and security updates, as well as 24/7 support from our award-winning, WordPress-trained support team for the ultimate peace of mind.

Serious Storage

Users can say goodbye to embedded web clips and thumbnail images, and hello to smooth HD video and high-res photography. Powered by load balanced, all-SSD servers, we’ve upped the storage on our Personal plans to 50GB, and Pro now boasts 200GB.

SSL: The New Standard

Encrypted connections are fast becoming essential for search rankings and are about to be required for key features in WordPress. We’ve addressed this new standard by adding SSLs across many of our yearly plans. Pro provides two SSLs, Elite comes with five, and Extended packs 10 SSLs.

More Domains

We’ve increased the number of domains across many of our yearly plans: Our Pro plan comes with two domains, Elite five, and Extended now includes a hefty 10 domains.

Find the perfect Managed WordPress plan for your next project here.


  • I like the SSL and scanning enhancements, would be willing to upgrade. But is there some mechanism for existing customers to migrate plans? Last time I asked I was told I had to manually replicate my site within another plan then cancel my existing plan – which is just way too much work.

  • Frank McClung

    It would be nice if WordPress managed accounts had the option to upgrade to PHP7. My clients on WP Managed are asking about it. How long will it take to get that implemented. Needs to be a high priority. WP Engine is already offering it to their customers. Oh, and WP Engine offers free SSL certificates through LetsEncrypt to their customers on every plan. PHP7 and free certs through LetsEncrypt to all Managed WP plans would certainly be more competitive.

    • Hi Frank, thanks for your comment. We hear you, alongside our other customers, as to the value of these into our plans. We’re certainly looking to include PHP7 in our next update to Managed WordPress Stay tuned! – AR

      • Frank McClung

        Thanks Alec. I would rather MT stay ahead of the power curve for their managed WordPress instead of behind the industry curve. It puts my clients at a disadvantage and makes me less likely to use MT in the future.

      • Frank McClung

        How is the PHP7 upgrade to Managed WordPress going? Still waiting…

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