File and App Management Just Became Easier & Faster in the Grid Control Panel

Since 1998, Media Temple has been building premium hosting solutions that meet and anticipate the needs of web designers, developers, and creative agencies alike. As such, we are committed to constantly improving our products by leveraging customer feedback in order to keep providing them with top-notch user experience. Our latest upgrades to our shared hosting solution, the Grid, are a direct result of that commitment.

Built on a state-of-the-art clustered architecture, the Grid was one of the first original public clouds. Its scalability and burstable resources that can handle any expected and unexpected traffic spikes, combined with its ease of use and out-of-the-box readiness make for a robust, highly reliable shared hosting solution. To further improve the functionality of the Grid’s custom control panel and make it even more user-friendly, we’ve redesigned and updated its file manager and one-click application installer (both currently in beta).

Among the file manager changes:

  • We streamlined the process of traversing directory trees and adding folders in the file manager by improving visual interface and navigation. Now, permissions are always visible, showing whether the file is accessible to the owner, a group, or everyone.
  • Uploading multiple files has become easier than ever. Not only does the file manager now includes a drag-and-drop interface, but entire directories can be uploaded.
  • Editing files is now a cinch. The all-new full featured file editor has developer-friendly features such as auto-completion, line-by-line error handling, white space auto-detection, syntax highlighting, and multi-line cursor selection.  

Until now, the Grid offered only a handful of ready-to-install applications that users had to manually update and secure after installation. To optimize the application management and user experience, we’ve expanded the managed application installation capabilities in the following ways:

  • Thanks to a new, more intuitive interface, users can now seamlessly browse our expanded catalog of 20 managed applications.
  • Also, installation configuration is now done in one place, allowing an easy and fast install directly to the website.  
  • Finally, all applications will now auto-update when new versions become available.

The beta versions of the new file manager and managed application installer are now available inside the control panel. As always, any feedback, positive or negative, are more than welcome in the comments section below.



  • James

    Any way you can improve database performance and add more RAM to MySQL Containers?

  • MichelePrincigalli

    That’s very nice. I would like to see a fix to the procedure of setting up email clients one day.

  • Francisco Chávez

    If I develop an app for myself, is it easy to install in those servers?
    I would use php and mysql and smtp for email sending (not spam :)
    because I already have a DV server but I need more space for some clients that need apps developed and a LOT of emails per cliente (around 300 emails per domain) with a lot of MB per email, which the DV wont be able to provide

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